Deep in Vanuatu’s rural PENAMA Province, hidden between a forest of trees lays a small rippling stream. Throughout the day, many animals pass; wild cats and dogs cool down from the heat while cows drink from the stream.

It is from this same stream, hard-working mothers like Rayna, from Berata village, bring their families clothes to wash, take their children to bathe and collect water for their families to drink.

Over an hours trek from this stream, in the home furthest from the water supply, three small thatch-roofed homes are bunched together and in the centre, sits Rayna and her beautiful son Ryan.

Rayna lives next to her family and every day fetches water from the stream for all of her family’s needs. Weekly, Rayna will cart heavy loads of washing from this stream so her family can have clean clothes and, if Rayna is unable to make the trip, younger family members will make the long tiresome journey on their own.

Rayna shares that same water with the entire Berata village and with no fence around the stream, she shares it with any animal that wanders into the stream too. The water leaves families vulnerable to water-borne diseases which often results in painful, energy-sapping and potentially deadly vomiting and diarrhoea.

With the stream being the village’s only water supply, there was no other option. Something had to be done.

In 2011, Rayna’s community first joined ADRA’s Water Health and Sanitation project. Now, forty tap stands have been installed to provide clean, safe drinking water for 120 families.

Rayna no longer spends long hours fetching water for her family; she is no longer vulnerable to danger from making the trip alone and she no longer has to worry that her son Ryan will get sick from the water she gives him to drink.

Near the tap stand Linasa has planted a kitchen garden where she grows water taro. The water that drains from the tap stand irrigates the taro and increases the nourishing food she can provide for her family.

Rayna is just one of over 750 mothers in Vanuatu who are now able to provide clean, safe drinking water thanks to your generous support. Thank you!