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May 05
It’s just a short 4 hour flight from Auckland, but it really is another world away. I’m in Lenakel Village on Tanna Island in Vanuatu where not only is there no power or water, there are no formed roads and our 4×4 had to drive through farm paddocks to get here.


The Bilateral Project aims to support families in the Middlebush area in Tanna, and the Aute area in Pentecost, through providing sustainable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation facilities. Families in the communities will have access to latrines, water tanks and solar pumps as well as the opportunity to participate in a community sanitation and hygiene training course to encourage safe hygiene practices.

These actions will enable both social and economic development through improved public health and access to safe hygiene facilities. Approximately 10,000 individuals will be impacted through this project.


The key activities for this project include:

  • Providing participatory Hygiene and Sanitation (PHAST) courses open to the communities.
  • Installing 620 latrines in Tanna and 220 latrines in Pentecost.
  • Supporting vulnerable populations within the community (elderly, single parents, disabled) through ensuring they are provided with the appropriate hygiene facilities. 
  • Providing 4 water tanks in Tanna and 2 in Pentecost, each tank holding 22,500L.
  • Installing solar pumps in both communities.
  • Forming committees to maintain the system in future and supporting these committees through improving financial planning skills.
  • Training members of the community in basic plumbing to support the maintenence of the facilities. 


Over 910 households within the two communities will be directly impacted through this project. People within the communities will have better access to safe hygiene and sanitation facilities to support safe hygiene action and ultimately improve general public health.

ADRA Vanuatu is now in the process of training individuals from the community to manage and maintain the water and sanitation systems.

10 000
Crisis Response Category
Amount USD
USD 2 000 000,00
Amount Local
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to Tuesday, April 26, 2016
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