About ADRA Vanuatu

ADRA Vanuatu is a humanitarian organisation which forms a part of a larger worldwide ADRA network with offices in 125 countries.

Each ADRA office works to provide relief and recovery in times of disasters, and to facilitate development based on local community needs at a local and country-wide level.

ADRA Vanuatu prioritises its work based on the following needs:
– Education for primary and highschool
– Access to clean water and hygiene education
– Woman equality and safety
– Disaster response and training

Vanuatu has been listed as the world’s most susceptible country to natural disasters in the world*. During times when relief from a disaster is needed, ADRA Vanuatu works with the Vanuatu Humanitarian Team (VHT). The VHT works together to assess needs and distribute response responsibilities to the affected communities.

ADRA Vanuatu has the advantage of being able to work closely with the Seventh-day Adventist church network across Vanuatu. Geographically, Vanuatu presents logistical challenges with the country being spread over 83 islands, and with limited communication infrastructure. With the cooperation of the Seventh-day Adventist church network, ADRA Vanuatu is working towards taking advantage of the church member’s support to rapidly gather and share information – especially in times of disaster recovery and relief.

ADRA Vanuatu’s head office is located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. However, much of the ADRA Vanuatu’s work extends across Vanuatu’s 83 islands where the population of 280,000 Ni-Vanuatu citizens reside.


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