Maira Hanhan

Livelihoods Empowerment And Family Food Security

ADRA’s Livelihood Empowerment And Family Food Security project operates in rural communities of Samna, Malampa and Penama provinces. The project has 3 overarching goals:

1.       Increase livelihood opportunities

As with much of Vanuatu’s rural population, these communities rely on smallholder farms to provide an income. LEAFFS aims to increase the resilience of these incomes in the face of natural disasters and other events by diversifying crops and introducing sustainable growing practices. ADRA also helps to identify market opportunities for small farming businesses to increase their income. Core to the LEAFFS program is ensuring that economic growth is equitable and inclusive of women, youth and those most vulnerable in the community.

2.       Improve food security

Building capacity in sustainable agriculture techniques also helps to reduce the reliance on imported products and increases food security for the community.

3.       Reduction of Non-Communicable Diseases

Non-Communicable diseases such as diabetes are an increasing problem in Vanuatu. The LEAFFS project aims to target this through nutritional education. With a focus on local aelan kaikai, the program helps individuals to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.