Emergency Management

Preparation, Response and Recovery

ADRA Vanuatu is part of a collective of NGOs which support the Government of Vanuatu in responses to disasters. We provide assistance across the areas of water, sanitation, shelter, food distribution and gender protection. ADRA has pre-positioned emergency response supplies, such as water filtration and hygiene kits, that are ready to be mobilised quickly in times of need. 

Through partnership with churches, ADRA has the ability to quickly set up evacuation centers for those whose homes are in danger.

On top of this, disaster preparedness is incorporated into all of ADRA Vanuatu’s projects to ensure that communities are ready for emergency situations. This is done by developing and delivering training programs to increase the capacity of church grass-roots networks to prepare for and respond to disasters.

Right now ADRA Vanuatu is responding to destruction in communities caused by Tropical Cyclone Harold. ADRA’s recovery effort is providing shelter materials, distributing food and sanitation kits and rebuilding damaged water systems. Across the full response ADRA is working for the inclusion of the most vulnerable people and the security of women and girls. Learn more about what ADRA Vanuatu is doing in response to Tropical Cyclone Harold.